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My name is Cyndi and I'm new to blogging. I started my blog last fall when I decided to get fit and lose weight. I did it for ME. I didn't intend on sharing it. It was just a way for me to be accountable to myself, but then people started asking me what I was doing, who's diet I was using, did I change my workouts, what was I many questions, lots of compliments too...... So, I decided to share.

Dieting is never easy, but it's temporary. Changing your lifestyle......well, it's for life. It takes commitment and dedication. It takes motivation and will power. It takes planning and goal setting. It takes setting and celebrating milestones. It takes hard work and sweat. It takes support from those closest to you. It takes time and desire. It takes commitment and dedication.....did I already say that one? It's a BIG one.

My blog comes right from my heart. I write what I feel and what I think. I write the good and the bad, the ups and downs, failures and successes. I'm not afraid to share my knowledge and lessons I've learned. I enjoy helping people......helping people learn new and beneficial things......helping people make changes for a better, healthier life. I'm not perfect, but when I am committed to something and truly believe in it, I really put my heart and soul into it.

I have lived in the midwest my entire life - could definitely use a change of scenery. I love being outdoors and I love warm sunny days. Harsh winters are very hard for me but I do love snow. It's quite a conflict for me. I actually enjoy going to the gym and working out. I haven't always been able to say that. I like to ride my bike - we have great bike trails where I live. I love to travel and see and do new things. I especially love the beach and being in, on, or just near the water - pool and ocean. I prefer just lounging as opposed to swimming. I enjoy boating, kayaking, sailing, and paddle boarding - most all water activities. I recently discovered that I like rock climbing and rappelling. I enjoy hiking and photography too. Bottom line.....I like being active. I'm writing this bio on the last day of winter - a time that, unfortunately, finds me sitting at my computer reading and writing hour after hour - longing for bright sunny warm spring days so that I can get out and get moving.


I believe in being active, healthy, and fit. I beleive that everybody has a responsibility to do their best to take care of themselves. We are givien one body and one life. We should do the best and most with what we have. I'm sure most of us do not ever want to be a burden on anyone else. Sometimes it's unavoidable, but many times better health could have prevented so many illnesses. I want to be around and in the best health I can be for my family and their future familes.


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